Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Home for the hockey-days

It's no secret that my sports life sucks this year. The Red Sox got swept in the first round of playoffs. Neither the Panthers or the Patriots (wild card, schmild card) even made the playoffs.

And the Hurricanes...well, the Hurricanes got off to their worst start in franchise history. They came out flat, started racking up injuries and went on a record-breaking losing streak. (They did, however beat the Stanley Cup Champ Penguins which pretty much made up for all the bad. The Cup Champs! Beaten by the team at the dead bottom of the standings!)

Despite the story below, they actually have started playing better and have won several recent games. The realist in me knows there's no way we're making the playoffs this year. But the I-bleed-black-and-red true fan in me wants to think that maybe there's an itty bitty chance that it could happen. (Very very itty bitty. Miniscule. Microscopic even.)

We attended four home games while we were in Raleigh for the holidays. All losses. We missed the game on the 19th, stuck in Newark. They won that one. There were three road games while we were in town. Two of them wins. We couldn't make it to the game on the 8th because Jason was getting in late from Philly and we were flying back to Brussels the next day. They won that one too. So, you know...thanks for that.

This game was the worst of the losses we experienced. But hey! It was Erik Cole bobblehead night! And Erik Cole always has been, is and always will be my favorite player. So that was something at least.

Ahh, the New Years Eve game. Good times. Look at us. So hopeful. So ready for a win.

Didn't happen. But we did stick around and ring in the new year at the arena. And that actually was kind of fun. There was a band and a magician (which I'm not usually into but this guy was pretty funny) and a huge puck drop in tandem with the ball drop in Times Square and a ton of people making merry.

And there was some extreme tailgating... It was pissing down rain. So we climbed into the back of the Lexus to drink some Sammys and watch the post-midnight fireworks. That would have been a great plan. If you could actually see the fireworks. It was so foggy and cloudy that you literally could not see the fireworks. We kept hearing BOOMs and seeing the sky turn a different tint for a second but no fireworks. Well, that was ok because it just about sums up our fan experience this season. What else could we do but laugh and have a beer? What doesn't kill

So on that note, I'd like to share with you a little something I put together to better share my story through song.

Ode to the 2009-2010 Carolina Hurricanes
to the tune of Jingle Bells

Suck so bad this year

Lost every home game
we were at
o'er the holidays

Dashing through the traffic
in a Lexus decked with flags
to the RBC
First we played the Rags

Though we came out strong
they beat us three to one
Lord, the sight of Sean Avery
makes me choke on my hot dog


Suck so bad this year

Can't explain it
No one can
We were ECF last year

Next up were Les Habs
Oh it was a mess
We pulled our goalie in the first
And still lost five to one

The only saving grace,
it's Erik Cole bobblehead night
By the middle of the third
I was just hoping for fights


Suck so bad this year

Who'da thunk it?
We have stunk it
up so bad this year

Next we played the Flyers
God I hate the Flyers
And did I mention just how much
I really hate the Flyers?

We were down until the third
Then we tied it up
Could it be a win tonight??
No, we lost in a shoot out


Suck so bad this year

What did I do
to deserve this?
This was meant to be our year

Now it's New Years Eve
The Rags are back in town
We're looking for revenge
Instead they take us down

We could've had this game
Our goal was disallowed
Lundqvist threw a hissy fit
and they win two to one


Suck so bad this year

is going on?
Pass the $9 beeeeeer

*drops mic*

Peace. I'm out.


Ashely said...

You are so funny! Did you and Jason write those lyrics as the losses went on and on and on?

Heather said...

Nope...sadly/proudly, I can say that was all me. I did it this afternoon. That's what happens to your brain when you don't work. Let this be a lesson! Stay in a job kids!

Lane said...

You really are a hockey fan! Glad to have found your blog. :)