Sunday, January 17, 2010

It ain't over till it's over

So, here it is. My very last Christmas catch-up post before moving on to the present day. And quite honestly, I'm doing this more for myself than anything else. As I mentioned in the opening to this post about our trip to Dresden, I have always documented our trips and I just can't stop now. I'm OCD like that.

Fortunately for you, this post should be a lot shorter because I was not well during this trip. Remember when I said I got sick in Dublin? I swear it was the bubonic plague. Jason says head cold. (Potato, potahto.) Well, that meant I was less up for bouncing all around Dusseldorf and spent a bit more time cosying up in our very fabulous hotel. (What?! Everything reasonable was sold out! I can't help it!)

And so it begins. Another city, another market, another hot chocolate. Move on.

And for Jason - another city, another market, another gl├╝hwein. Let's roll.

We have no idea how to behave in restaurants. This is how we pass the time waiting on our food. It took us several shots to get it just right.

Right. So we're strolling around Dusseldorf and we're about to head back to the hotel for a break and Jason says "Hey, do you mind if we make one more stop before we go back? I see a pub up here on the left that I've heard about and been wanting to check out." I look up and what do I see but a Hooters. And oh my God, what do they have on the tv but a Carolina Hurricanes game.

So we stayed long enough for one beer and long enough to watch Tim Gleason come back out from having his mug sewn back together in the locker room after taking an Ovechkin slapshot to the face and score a shorthanded goal to tie the game. (FYI - in case you're at work with the sound up on your computer - that's a video link. Can you tell I've been burned by that one before?) That man is as tough as they come.

Prepping to brave the night elements by having my medicinal cocktail. That would be liquid cold medicine and hot water. Europe is not nearly as advanced as the US in the way of over-the-counter meds. All the really good stuff is liquid and foul tasting. They have no idea about liqui-caps. But, for some reason it doesn't taste quite as awful if you drink it like tea.

And because captions really aren't necessary for the stream of photos below, I'll carry on the tradition from my Dresden Christmas Market post and bring you another montage (MONTAGE!). I'll call it "Markets by Night: My lights bring all the boys to the yard. And my lights, they're better than yours. Damn right, they're better than yours. I could teach you, but I'd have to charge."

Isn't this little lady a sight? (I use "lady" loosely.) She was out there skating in what appeared to be a hotpants onesie. Santa, the old perv, wasted no time in going over to say hello.

Wood carved baby Jesus does not approve.

So, we woke up the next morning and decided we'd pretty much done the markets in Dusseldorf and made the decision to head back to Cologne to check theirs out. They were setting them up last time we were there and I'd heard they were pretty beautiful. And as we found out, also pretty crowded.

So, to escape the madness a bit, we ducked into a cosy pub. In honor of Phuze, a Christmas hat for Jason...

When I'm sick, alcohol has absolutely no appeal to me. So I was stuck with a Diet Coke.

On to the Angel Market...

And finally, the Dom Market, which has the most dramatic setting by far - tucked beside the massive cathedral.

Now, I hate to go out on this but it just didn't seem to fit anywhere else in the post... In Cologne, I stopped by a shopping center to use the loo. Imagine my surprise when I noticed the "Lady Bags" were emblazoned with a handgun motif. Why??? What message is this trying to convey? I really want to know. Do they have a serious problem with women not properly disposing of their...things?? So serious that they must threaten them with gunfire? I feel like I need to create a new tag for items like this. I'll call it: "WTF???"

Because, seriously...WTF???

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