Wednesday, January 20, 2010

That's so top five

Last week, I was tagged by Suze to list my top five of 2009. As in, the five best things to happen to me in 2009. And since I have a rather soft spot for this particular Aussie-turned-Northern-Englander, I shall comply.

So here they are, in no particular order:

1. Being presented with yet another opportunity to live abroad. And therefore, another opportunity to travel, travel, travel. I love love love to travel. I love hotels. I love seeing new places. I love being awestruck by the beauty of an old cathedral. I love strolling narrow, unfamiliar streets. I love it all.

2. Taking advantage of being back in Europe to hang out with some of my favorite people on this side of the pond. (To clarify, I'm talking about Phuze and Le Morrisseys.) And I'm not saying that just because they both included seeing me in their top five lists. I mean it. One of the hardest parts of relocating on a temporary basis is that you make great friends (if you're fortunate...and charming, like myself) and then you have to say goodbye. Not knowing when you might see them again. It sucks. So finding out I would have the opportunity to see them again was definitely top five.

3. Glee.

4. The Hurricanes making a rather unexpected playoff run. Yes, it ended abruptly and without the desired result but with a playoff run come some great things. The tailgating, the heart stopping excitement of last second plays, the thrill of an overtime win, the general camaraderie around Raleigh... Ice hockey in May - there's nothing quite like it.

5. Reading some truly amazing and inspiring books. From a few modern classics I'd just never gotten around to until now (To Kill a Mockingbird, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, 84 Charing Cross Road) to a heart-breaking yet beautiful memoir (The Invisible Wall). Every book I mention here made me cry. Sometimes because the story was so sad. Sometimes because the words were so beautiful. And I don't care if that makes me sound pretentious.


Alice said...

#3 - ME, too.

#5 - To Kill a Mockingbird and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn...still get to me. And believe it or not, I had never seen the movie To Kill an Mockingbird and watched it for the first time this weekend.

Caitlin said...

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn! LOVE IT!