Friday, January 29, 2010

While the gettin' is good

For reasons known only to them, my Hurricanes are enjoying a bit of success as of late. They've won their last three games by margins of four and three goals. And hey, whaddaya know...winning is kind of fun. I had pretty much forgotten what it felt like.

I'm still very certain there's no chance whatsoever we'll make the playoffs. But I'm liking our current role of The Spoilers. You know what they say... "If you can't make the playoffs, just beat your biggest rivals out of their own playoff spot." (Or something like that.)

Though their offensive game has been stepped up significantly as of late - and certainly that's a major contributor since you sure as shit can't win a hockey game without putting a puck or two in the net - one of the biggest factors is that Cam Ward has allowed only one goal in each of the past three games. And it appears as though he may be getting some assistance from The Force:

Whatever it is, be it Jedi mind tricks or pure skillz, I'll take it.

I figured I'd better get this posted before Saturday's game when we go up against the Blackhawks who are currently second in the league. We are currently second to last in the league. I guess crazier things have happened but let's just say I'm enjoying this current three game winning streak to the fullest - while it lasts.

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