Thursday, February 11, 2010

My London

Sorry for my disappearing act but I've been kind of busy in my old stomping grounds. And since I have the Best Husband Ever, I've got a less-than-48-hour turnaround before being whisked away to an amazing, posh, gorgeous, swanky spa hotel on the Rhine in Bonn, Germany tomorrow for my birthday weekend. Plus, I still haven't documented last weekend, which was most excellent... Therefore, I'll be keeping this light on the commentary, heavy on the photos.

Three days on my own in London. What to do? I had a few ideas....

I got around the city on this:

{The "chube"}

And on one of these:

{Double-decker red bus}

And even in one of these a couple of times:

{Iconic black cab}

(But I wish I'd ridden around in this the whole time):

{A black cab dressed in Tiffany blue}

I queued for an hour in the snow to get in the Royal Academy of Arts for this:

{London phone booth serving as billboard}

Then I walked to this swish hotel:

{The Connaught}

To meet her:


To sip on this:

{Traditional afternoon tea}

And munch on these:

{Stacks of tea biscuits}

I shopped here:

{The one and only Harrods}

I had my favorite sandwich in the world here:

{The Club Laduree}

I tubed to here:

{The West End}

To see this:

{Here I go can I resist ya?}

I visited my favorite museum:

{The V&A}

To re-visit my demons from the art class of 2006:

{Hiss hiss}

And to ogle at this:

{Amazing Murano glass sculpture in the entrance hall}

And to check out this exhibit:

If this is the future of fashion, then I am afraid:

Very afraid:

Terrified, actually:

I recovered from the traumatic "fashions" here:

{Harvey Nichols}

And lunched here:

{Harvey Nichols' Perrier-Jouet art nouveau champagne bar}

I even did a bit of cocktailing:

{The Christophe champagne cocktail}

And caught a Wicked matinee:

{I'm defying gravity}

Before finally Eurostar-ing back to Brussels:

{More proof I have the Best Husband Ever}

And that, in a nutshell, is my London.


Alice said...

I love that you have M&Ms with champagne.

I hope your birthday weekend is FANTASTIC. I will continue celebrating our birthday month in your honor.

You're welcome.

And happy early birthday!!

Well That's a Good Scottish Name... said...

What a FABULOUS account of London! I love it! My kind of days to spend in the city too....

Beth said...

I'm going to have to stick with "I hate you" for this one.

geo said...

It was really nice seeing you again, Heather!

Sara said...

Love me some London!! Looks like a great trip! Happy early Birthday!!

Beth N said...

Oh, how it makes makes my heart ache. I'm glad you had such a blast. The fashion exhibit... holy cow. DO they expect the earth to be washed over by glaciers? Please warn all the furry animals to RUN!