Friday, February 05, 2010

With friends like these...

I am a very lucky girl. Aside from having a great husband and a none-to-shabby handbag collection, I have some pretty wonderful friends. I recently posted on Facebook that I was missing Vanity Fair magazine and would give anything for an English copy.

Less than a week later, Suze (half of Phuze) sends me a note that says a packet of magazines is on its way to me but her village in rural-ish England didn't have VF so she'd chosen some others for me. The UK is well known for its...ummm....quality journalism. (And seriously priced to sell at only 67 pence.)

Here's a sample of just a few of the headlines:
TUMMY TUCK SPECIAL: My 10-stone belly slept on the bedside table!
TRIUMPH! 4lb face tumor sliced off!
Killed...For a jar of pennies
MAD FER-RET! Furry pals helped sex-swap Kelly
POOR ANNA: Turned into a human ice cube
I blew 250k on my DOG!

I mean, come on. Who wouldn't want to read the heart warming story about sex-swap Kelly and her ferrets??? And on top of all that, she (by she, I mean Suze and not sex-swap Kelly) included an issue of Glamour as well. My heart leapt for joy!

And a very honorable mention to Caitlin as well. When she saw Suze's note to me on Facebook about not being able to get a VF, she stepped right up, (despite my protests that I was just moaning about the language barrier) demanded my address and said she'd send me one. Keep in mind that though Caitlin and I have read each others blogs for some time and we are Facebook friends, we've only actually met once in real life. The expat girl network is strong, folks.

As it turns out, I just found out I'm going to London next week for a few days so I shot off a note to Caitlin and told her not to trouble herself, that I could pick it up myself.



Suze - Cheshire, UK said...

OK, just so you know - I didn't read any of those mags (argh, the temptation I resist in the name of friendship!) so you must tell me what happened to the 10 stone belly - does it really 'sleep'? Does she have to wake it up? Does she sometimes leave it at home? God, so many questions. And if you think that's trashy, you ain't seen nothing.. I nearly sent you the 'my absyss looks like a cheese souffle!' edition.
Just glad you like them all :)

Caitlin said...

OOoh, an honorable mention! I would have totally sent that magazine. Sometimes you just have to help a girl out. Funny how things turn out since you're the one now sending me a magazine!