Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cilantro: A St. Patty's Day Bonus Post

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I would like to share a quick anecdote about two of my favorite things: drinking and Jason's mom.

We once went out to dinner with Jason's parents and decided on an Irish pub. Jason brought a round of drinks over while we waited for our table and we were about to cheers when Jason decided to teach his mom the common Irish toast - Sláinte. (Pronounced something like slon-cha, for the record.)

Now, keep in mind that a few factors are coming into play here:
1. The pub is kind of loud
2. Jason's mom has a long and colorful history of mispronunciation
3. Jason's mom has a wonderful Boston accent

(The last one isn't really a factor, per just makes the story a little funnier.)

Jason: Hey Ma, in Ireland, they say "Sláinte" when they cheers.
Jason's mom: Huh? Say it again?
Jason: Sláinte.
Jason's mom: Cilantro?
Jason: Sláinte. Slon-cha.
Jason' mom: Are you saying cilantro, like in my salsa?
Jason: No, sláinte. Like slon, then cha.
Jason's mom: Cilantro!
Jason: Cilantro!

Now, get back to the regularly scheduled blog reading and montage yourself into a stupor!


andrea said...

Cilantro. My favorite :)

Vegemite Wife said...

What made me giggle most was that you call it St Patty's Day! LOL! you can take the girl out of America...

Heather said...

Yes, you see in my country, it's St. Patrick's Day, not St. Padraig's Day. Therefore, Patty is the shortened version.

To me, it's funny to see it as Paddy. I'm all, where did those damn D's come from???? There's no D in Patrick!

Alice said...


Vegemite Wife said...

If you called my grandad Patty, he'd knock your block off :)
I think it's weird too, but that's the Irish for you.