Saturday, April 17, 2010

And then the bottom fell out

Dear readers (all three of you still here),

I have do you say...overwhelmed. Turns out, when you live in a three bedroom house with an attic and outside storage, you accumulate a lot of stuff. Who knew? I found this out when we moved into our two bedroom apartment with no attic and no outside storage. However, I believe it is a blessing in disguise.

Ever since we started this kooky "let's move all over the world" kind of life, I've felt like we have too much stuff. I mean, who needs three types of colanders????? Who needs six sets of placemats and napkins from Williams-Sonoma????? If you've seen the movie Up In the Air, you'll understand that I've been feeling like my backpack is very heavy. So I've taken this opportunity to lighten my backpack.

Make no mistake, it has not been an easy task. I've spent my days rooting around in our storage unit, sorting and making piles and making trips to Goodwill. Not to mention, I've completely revamped my shopping philosophy - personal fashion and home fashion. I had long ago fallen into the trap of "Oh! This is so cute! I'll buy it!" Never stopping to wonder if I really needed it or even if I really truly wanted it. Who cared? It was cute!

(That's how we ended up with three types of colanders. One is sort of vintage-looking. What can I say? It's cute. And it was on sale. Or at least I think it was. It had an orange sticker on it. I never checked to see what the original price was. But, orange sticker! Discount! So I bought it.)

See what I mean?

So, I am through with buying things on a whim. I will think long and hard about all non-necessity purchases. Do I really need another colorful, floral, flowy spring tank? Not likely. Do I really truly want another set of nesting bowls? Doubt it. (Well, maybe. But I definitely don't need them.) I will not buy another pair of black leather sandals until my current ones disintegrate right off my feet. I will not even walk into the candle holder and home accessory aisle at Target.

(You all know that aisle, right? The one you always find yourself in when you go to Target for toothpaste and toilet paper and a greeting card? The one where something almost always leaps off the shelf and right into your cart and when you go to check out, you are shocked to see that your total is $150 instead of how ever much toothpaste and toilet paper and a greeting card cost.)

So, all the things I've discussed here are the reasons I've been very absent from my online life. Say it with me: OVERWHELMING. (Not to mention that Jason should be on a Raleigh-bound flight as I type this but instead he is stuck back in Brussels due to the volcanic ash fiasco. Volcano?? WTF?? I mean, seriously. Come on, Iceland. WTF???) But now that my real life is slowly returning to its normal state, I am committed to wrapping up my Brussels blog posts. Mostly because I have some great pictures to share with you and to document for my self.

(I'm not saying my photog skillz are great, mind you. The things I was photographing are great. And sometimes, it's hard to mess up such great things, no matter how little you know about picture taking.)

And after that, I have pictures of the cutest nephew ever to walk God's green earth. And after that, I have a picture of a pissed off Elwin Kitteh in a Carolina Hurricanes hat. Because dressing your pets up against their will is ALWAYS funny, no?


andrea said...

One reader of your three is impressed you are doing this, good for you! Moving definitely helps you to pare down. Hope Jason is back soon!

Well That's a Good Scottish Name... said...

Purging is the way to go! We keep saying as soon as we return to the US, we will eliminate our entire storage container. (not really because we will need the furniture) but when you live without half of your belongings for a few years, it makes you realize you don't need half of them..... Best of luck sorting it all out!

Aisby said...

I keep looking at our stored crap and wondering why I've held on to all this irrelevant stuff. I want to throw out 3/4 of of our things and move into a house half the size with a deck twice as big.

Alice said...

Well it looks like I'm #4...:) I had to do it too. Not fun - the sorting, etc. But you do feel oddly free when you get rid of a lot of the stuff.

Good luck!

Peaches N Curry said...

and I'm lucky # 5! It is uncanny how similar we are. When we moved to Raleigh way back in '07, I did the same thing with the downsizing and the organizing. It was so rewarding in the end! Then we bought a house and got hitched and during the move all my organization went to hell. Maybe one day I'll get my organizing mojo back.

Glad you're back stateside. Looking forward to reading about your adventures as always!

Rachel said...

you go girl!! I'm the same way but out of necessity because we're broke with two kids and a mortgage that we barely make. Years of living like this really change your perspective and you realize what's important. Even now when I have a lil extra cash I really think long about how to spend it. You can't take it with you anyway... Oh, and it looks like you have more than 3 of us readers! :)