Thursday, April 29, 2010

The cutest toddler ever to toddle

Liam, of course, changed so much while we were in Brussels. As kids do at that age... When we left he was a baby. Eight months old. Now he's a full blown, hell on wheels, playing, walking, chattering toddler. Witness...

Enjoying his water table:

A cheeky smile during dinner:

And this is what the family calls his "Wild Hour":

After bath time, he gets time to play before he has to go to bed. He's usually in a great mood and uses this time to throw things, laugh, squeal, dance and run laps around the house. We have some hilarious video of the Wild Hour.

Liam has a game he likes to play with me. He'll quietly circle me and when he's behind me, he'll lean onto my back and I'll fall over wailing "Oh no! Help me! Help me!" He finds it endlessly hilarious.

When he's getting tired he lays down in the floor and kicks his leg around. And that's Liam. He's perfect. Even when he's not. And we're so happy to be back home to watch him grow some more.

On a separate note, I'm seriously considering instituting Wild Hour in our own home. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to throw things, laugh, squeal, dance and run laps around the house before bedtime.


andrea said...

He is so big! He is adorable!

Alice said...

So cute! And I think Wild Hour is a great idea for EVERY house. How much happier would we all be??