Thursday, April 01, 2010

Home savory home

Those of you who are friendly with me over there on the Facebooks will know that I am, indeed, alive.

(And buying extraneous organizational supplies.)

(I don't even know how all the Liberty for Target notepads and folders got into my cart but when I went to check out, there they were. I must have blacked out in the stationery aisle.)

(And I don't know what rumors you've heard but let me assure you that I have not yet attacked any pets with the results of my glorious label maker.)

(Seriously. En route to a mani/pedi and all the sudden I find myself parked in front of Staples. Again, I claim blackout.)

Anyway, here I am in back in Raleigh. Home sweet home. I drove from the airport right to Bojangle's and got myself a cajun fried chicken feast which I enjoyed in front of a little Bravo tv. It was heavenly.

Speaking of Bojangle's, I've got about ten or so pounds to lose as a result of my seven month Belgian Binge. You don't live in the motherland of beer, chocolate and fries without gaining some weight. I'm going to get right on that whole weigh loss thingie just as soon as I've sampled all the NC food groups:

Bojangles cajun fried chicken
Krispy Kreme doughnuts
Pork BBQ of the Eastern variety
Dos Taquitos legendary burrito
Char-Grill hotdogs

For the moment, I'm running my fat ass all over town trying to find us a place to live. Looks like we've narrowed it down to two and will choose one tomorrow when Jason can go look at them with me. I have a few more Brussels posts to catch up on and then it will be all Raleigh, all the time up in this pizzle.


MrsBlueberry said...

It sounds like you decided on staying in Raleigh? Yay! Does that mean your fashion blog is coming back?

andrea said...

WHAT? No Chick Fil A on the list? Shame on you!

(oh yeah, welcome back!)

The Tune's said...

Welcome back Home!

peachesandcurry said...

Hey you're back! Isn't the city so pretty covered in yellow? Esp. when you leave a window open and you have it inside as well?! Yay pollen.