Thursday, April 08, 2010

Moving. It sucks.

Things are chugging along quite nicely here at the new US-based Sanger corporate headquarters. In fact, things are zooming. Last Thursday, Jason arrived. Friday, we decided on an apartment, signed a lease and arranged electricity, cable tv and movers. Saturday, we moved in. That's how we roll. FAST.

I have been very very busy with the unpacking and the organizing and the endless errands. So in that vein (and because I'm also currently not interested in anything that does not involve getting my closet set up), I give you an iPhone photo essay:

Lo, let there be apartment! And it was good. Really really good, actually. We lived here for a month when we returned from London, in a furnished apartment. But this is way better. Because we have our own stuff. And an extra bedroom. (You know, a place to put all our extra stuff.) We can walk to lots of places, including multiple fantastic restaurants, some of my favorite local boutiques, a cinema, a spa, our bank, a park, a dry cleaner, and plenty of other equally awesome things. And do you know what is extra awesome? There are Carolina Hurricanes players living right here in my very building! We saw two of them the day after we moved in. That's how we roll. NHL STYLIE.

But the very best part??? Our little family is back together! I picked them up from Suite Paws after seven long months of being apart. All the staff cried "No! We're not ready for them to go!" when I walked in. Their main caretaker there cried real tears when they left. Clearly, keeping your pets in a boarding facility for seven months is not an ideal situation but she made us feel great about the care they were getting. It's obvious they were well loved in our absence. George adjusted quickly to his new home.

Elwin, notsomuch. He hid under his bed mat the whole way home.

And was not entirely sure he wanted to come out when I opened the door. And when he finally did exit his kennel, he ran straight under the couch. But he was all good by bedtime and is back to his normal mischievous self. He bolted with one of my ponytail holders last night - one of his favorite activities.

But as much as I adore the kittehs, I do have a new love... My new label maker. I don't know how I lived without it all these years.

I mean, would you just look at this gorgeous organization?? I'm going into shock just thinking about it.

It's glorious! (P.S. If anyone sees me in a stationery aisle anytime in the next five years, please use a taser on me.)

I thought about labeling that bottom bin "Totally miscellaneous" but decided "Random Crap" better reflected my personality.

Folks, it's a big step up from my previous system which included a Sharpie and used mailing boxes.

Though there is still plenty to be done...

Jason is making sure we take time to enjoy our new surroundings. Monday evening, he asked me on a date. He took me to our balcony where we drank bubbles and watched the sun set. I think I like it here. I think I love it.


Alice said...

Welcome home.

Ashely said...

Welcome Home! Us 'Melanie's MicroMass Friends' will have to meet up with you for dinner sometime.

I still think a Heather and Jason squared outing (and, therefore, blog post) is in order! :)

Heather said...

Ashely, I would LOVE to meet up with you girls! I feel like I already know you all anyway :)

andrea said...

Poor Elwin! I hope he is adjusted now! And ditto Alice, welcome home!

Sara said...

The new place sounds great!! I hope to catch whatever bug gave you those organizational skillz…..

The Tune's said...

Welcome home..just in time for playoffs!

Heather said...

Daaaaamn Libby! That's COLD!


Things could have been very different for the Hurricanes this year. In the last half of the season, I think we've shown that were a far better team than our record indicates. If we'd won just two games during that horrendous franchise record breaking 14 game losing streak, we would totally be in the playoff race. It's a shame...

But! We get to open next season in Finland (Jason and I are booked to go) AND we get the All-Star game next year so lots to look forward to here in Carolina!

(However, I am still excited about the playoffs. There's nothing like post-season hockey...)

Beth said...

I like how you roll. But if you wanted to roll back towards Europe again I would like it even more.

Meg said...

YAY Heather! I am so glad that you and Jason are safe and sound stateside :) I hope you enjoy the next chapter and can't wait to hear all about it! I had a BoJo's cajun biscuit yesterday and immediately thought of you - ha!