Wednesday, May 26, 2010

B.Sed in the 'Burg

My trip to Williamsburg was all I could ever want and more. Beth and her parents, who will collectively be known here on out as B.Sed (Beth, Sue and Ed), were wonderful hosts and I immediately felt like the extra daughter Sed didn't know they had.

My drive in on Sunday was easy and relaxing. Virginia, it welcomes me! Except I snapped too early and the sign is too far away for you to see that it says "Virginia welcomes you". (Note to self: Driving 78 mph and trying to simultaneously take photo does not produce best results. Also, could die in fiery crash. Noted.)

My iPhone map had me get off the highway at this small little town and I thought for sure it was screwing with me. Soon though, I realized it was taking me directly east and directly towards Williamsburg via the Virginia Byway (rather than staying on major highways and going north, past it, and then backtracking southeast). And lucky me, what a beautiful drive it was. Past huge plantations and sparkling rivers and beautiful farmland and LOADS of historic sites....

I am not messing around when I say LOADS of historic sites. They were everywhere I looked. A few Revolutionary and Civil War markers...

And even a couple of spectacular bridges. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love a good bridge.

(I recently thought about why this is and I think I've figured it out. When I was but knee-high to a grasshopper, my daddy used to make a big deal about going over bridges in the car. We had some good 'uns round those parts actually. But my favorite one of all was the one we would pass over every year on our way to the beach. It was the drawbridge in Wilmington and it was awesome. I even got to see it drawn up for a boat to pass once. Plus, I knew that when we hit that bridge it meant we were almost to the beach.)

So I was particularly excited to come across this beauty of a drawbridge. And since there were no cars anywhere around me, I slowed to a crawl and snapped a couple of pics.

When I finally arrived at Sed's lovely home, they put out a feast of cheese and crackers and prosecco and we watched hockey and baseball and Army Wives and basically, I was in hog heaven. And so it went for the next couple of days...

On Monday it POURED down rain the entire day so Beth and I acted like a couple of angsty teens and hung out in our pj's all day, then piled down with blankets in the living room and watched Twilight and New Moon back-to-back while Mama Sue cooked up a chicken parm in the kitchen. Periodically, she would come in and ask us if we were really sure we didn't want any lights on. Beth's answer was always the same: "Mo-om, it's a vampire movie. It's better with the lights out. Gah." We were a joy. As angsty teens so often are.

By Tuesday, the weather had improved markedly...from raining cats, dogs, and other domesticated animals to merely overcast with scattered drizzle. So we decided we might just leave the house. But not before Beth's dad brought home BBQ sammiches for our lunch. (And I must say, as an expert on Carolina BBQ, I was somewhat skeptical of this so-called Virginia BBQ. But all it took was one bite to convince me. I'm Heather Sanger and I approve this BBQ.)

And lo, we did leave the house. Twice! First, Beth and I went to the cinema to see Letters to Juliet and later, B.Sed introduced me to the best burrito I've ever had the pleasure of eating. Muy bueno!

Before I knew it, Wednesday had come and it was time for me to leave B.Sed behind and continue on my journey. Charlotte was calling my name. However, do you know what lies on the highway between Williamsburg and Charlotte? My alma mater.

But more importantly, do you know what sits on the grounds of my alma mater? A Greensboro institution. Yum-Yum. The last time Jason and I passed through here during opening hours was October 2008. I was long overdue for a hotdog (or two). So even though I had eaten about a pound of watermelon (which was lovingly cut up for me by Mama Sue) on the road and it was nowhere near lunch time, I rocked myself up to the counter and ordered "two all the way, no slaw". That's Carolinas hotdog speak for chili, mustard and onions. And that, friends, is how I put on my freshman fifteen (or twenty).

As an aside, why did everyone on campus look about 14 years old? Evidently, I'm officially old. It was news to me.

I want to prepare you now. For in my next post, you will see the two cutest dancers in the entire world. I mean it. IN THE WORLD. The Nieces with the Pieces rocked their respective recitals. So, really people. Prepare yourselves. I can't be held responsible for what may happen if the cuteness catches you by surprise.


Vegemite Wife said...

Did John Tyler die on that road whilst taking pictures with his iPhone? Imagine the irony!

Beth said...

Ok, come on back now so we can do it all over again!

Caitlin said...

Please stop talking about burritos, hot dogs, chicken parm, etc. OMG sounds like a blast. As a Virginian myself, I'm glad our BBQ is up to your standards.
PS I'm ready for the cuteness.

Alice said...

I'm really hungry after reading this.

hisgirlcridey said...

So how about I'm FROM G'boro and had no idea about Yum Yums. Definitely hitting this up soon.