Wednesday, May 05, 2010

For the love of Dawson

As an add-on to the last post...

We decided to stop off in Wilmington for lunch on the way home from Myrtle Beach. Some of you may know that Wilmington is where Dawson's Creek was filmed. (In case you're wondering - every local I've ever asked said the same thing: Most all the cast were sweet and friendly, especially one Pacey Witter and one Joey Potter. The sole exception was James Van Der Beek, who was kind of a jerk. Why am I not surprised?)

Anyway, Jason needed an ATM. For some reason he happened to know a little shop which randomly had an ATM in the back. A weird little shop. They sold a lot of wicca stuff and the man inside had on a full blown wizard costume. Don't ask me. Don't ask me about the man in the wizard suit and definitely don't ask me how Jason knew about this ATM.


So. Right above the ATM was a huge Dawson's Creek poster. As you can imagine, it seemed slightly out of place next to books of spells and assorted magic crystals and poison rings and eye of newt and tongue of toad or whatever.

But let's take a closer look...


NOT! FOR! SALE! I like to think they had so many requests to purchase the poster that they had to put a post-it note on it.

"Listen up people. Don't even dare to ask me or anybody else in this shop about buying this poster. As you can see, it's NOT FOR SALE. I don't care what you offer me for it. It's NOT FOR SALE. I will not sell it to you. So don't even ask. Because it's NOT FOR SALE."

I guess Dawson (and his awful haircut and huge forehead) just has a special hold on some people.


Vegemite Wife said...

Most random post ever. Awesome.
Seriously Jason, tell us how you know about this place or I will hunt you down. (Kidding - don't put a hex on me or anything!)

Alice said...

That made me laugh out loud. My husband is also the type who would know about an ATM in a wicca shop. :)

andrea said...

Love it! That is awesome. Clearly this means people have asked to buy the poster, which is scary.

Bec said...

Brilliant!! This post made me laugh! I love the random moments life throws at us sometimes :)