Monday, May 03, 2010

I'd like to thank my youngest brother...

...for going to school in Myrtle Beach and therefore graduating in Myrtle Beach. Because, for Jason and me, that meant a mini-vacay. We figured if we're going to drive three and a half hours to the coast, we might as well get an ocean front room at a swish hotel for our trouble. So, well done Kurt. Good job on the whole graduating thing. And even better job on the whole graduating at the beach thing.

Here I am, in all my blindingly fair-skinned glory, with my mom, dad and two little brothers.

(Doesn't fair-skinned sound way better and more aristocratic than pale? Let's go with that.)

And after the festivities, we headed back to our hotel for a little nap in the hammocks by the beach.

With this view overhead and the sound of the ocean in the background, it was pretty impossible to not relax.

After nap time, we went for a stroll on the beach. Well, I strolled. Jason skipped shells on the water. Because he's a boy. And that's what boys do.

Cocktails al fresco. I'm sure you can guess who each of these belong to.

Never turn down a drink that has actual chunks of strawberry in it. It's just a personal rule I have.

Another rule I have is to take any and all opportunities to enjoy good champagne. Weddings? Sure! A new house? Absolutely! Anniversaries? Yep! Sitting on your balcony watching stars come out and listening to the ocean? Damn right.

Somehow, Jason woke up just in time for sunrise over the Atlantic. So we sat on our balcony and watched the magic unfold. (And then went right back to bed for another hour and a half, mind you.)

Jason had a sad when it was time to go. I let him have a moment alone with the beach.



geo said...

awesome sunrise picture!

Vegemite Wife said...

I'll be graduating in Aberdeen. Yeah. Should have thought that through. Don't suppose you fancy coming to that, right?

Caitlin said...

Great family pic!