Thursday, May 13, 2010

That's my niece

I have an Anna story that's too good to not share. Some time ago I got an email from my sister-in-law Amy:

I took Anna to Nordstrom yesterday to get some new Crocs for the spring and we wandered over to look at the sandals and she proceeded to try on every shoe on the display. There was a particular sandal that caught her attention and now she insists on having it and won’t let it go; to the point where she is willing to cough up some of her own money to get them and is not willing to go with my suggestion to find a cheaper alternative at Target. Can you imagine? Michael Kors at 4 YEARS OLD. She just came in and told me…."Remember Mommy…diamond on top, silver on the bottom. I need them."

Then, a few days later, I receive this update:

She is coughing up $25 of her own money to buy them. We have already raided the piggy bank. She is going to get them today. No other shoe will do, it appears.

That's right. Anna ponied up what likely amounts to her life savings for a pair of shoes. Joe and Amy paid the other half. Personally, I think it's a pretty good lesson for her. Having paid her own money for them, she'll probably take better care of them and appreciate them more.

A few weekends ago, Joe and Amy and the girls were in town. When I walked into Jason's mom's house, one of the first things Anna said to me was "I got Michael Kors flip flops! They have a diamond. Wanna see them?" She brought me upstairs and dug them out of her suitcase. She was absolutely beaming.

And here they are, at the grand re-opening of the North Carolina Museum of Art no less, in all their diamond designer glory:

A girl after my own heart. Joe said to me later, "You must be pretty proud. This is kind of a moment for you two." I told Amy they were in for it once she discovers purses.


Monique said...

lol - I love it!

Vegemite Wife said...

Hang on... did you give birth and not tell me? That's seriously you, but shorter.

geo said...

that's so funny. Those sandals are cute!

Alice said...

Love it. And she is SO your niece. :)

The Tune's said...

That is great! Next she will be in your closet asking for purses!

Caitlin said...

That is soooo cute! Love the story.