Thursday, June 10, 2010

So you think you can dance?

I know. It's been a while. You see, I returned from my Epic Adventure and for some reason, felt utterly and completely overwhelmed by all that awaited me back in the real world. So I started by doing what any reasonable person would do.

I parked myself on the sofa and waded through the pile-up of shows on my DVR. It was a certifiable trash-fest. (And, by the by, The Countess is right. Money can't buy you cla-ass. She needn't look any further than her own mirror to see that.)

And when my DVR had been cleaned out, I started in on Totally Unnecessary Cleaning. I took apart the Cuisinart Grind n' Brew and scoured each and every individual part. I dug into that thing with such gusto that my arm almost got stuck in the water reservoir. Oh yes, then I cleaned the Dyson piece by piece. You read that right. I CLEANED MY VACUUM CLEANER.

And then there's the whole Other Thing. The Thing which I'm going to write a whole post about next. So I'm not going to tell you about That Thing just yet. But, OMG was it ever A Thing. (It was so much A Thing that it needed Inappropriate Capitalization.)

But, for now...let's talk about another thing. The thing I warned you about. You've had more than enough time to prepare yourselves for the cuteness but I fear you still may not be ready. Because, hello? HOW CUTE IS THIS???

Do you not just want to top her with a cherry and eat her right up? I happened to arrive in Charlotte in time to go to Anna's dress rehearsal so I was able to get some good close up pics.

Anna's routine was to The Lonely Goatherd from The Sound of Music and my favorite part was the "yodelayhee...yodelayheehoo" bit. For the yodelayhee, they cupped their hand around their ear and leaned over to listen.

And for the yodelayheehoo, they put their hands up to their mouths like they were calling out. Not that I'm biased or anything but I'm pretty sure Anna knew the routine better than anyone else. And she delivered it with such flair. Like I said...not biased at all.

After the dress rehearsal, Amy and I took Anna to school for her class's end of year party. Anna was evidently excited I was coming because she told her teacher "My aunt Heather is coming to my party and you don't need to be shy with her."

Honestly, I think the excitement was moreso due to Anna getting her equal treatment. On my first full day in Charlotte, I went to Katie's school for lunch and then went back and picked her up early to go see Wicked. (Which, by the way, was a huge hit with her. The look on Katie's face when Elphaba "flies" during Defying Gravity was priceless.)

So Anna was feeling a tad dejected because, as she told her nanny, I was "doing everyfing wif KATIE". But her nanny kept telling her that although today was Katie's day with me, tomorrow would be her day with me. So everything is EQUAL. And in a pre-schooler's world, especially a pre-schooler trying to keep up with her big sister, that means all is right with the universe. So on Friday, she kept saying "It's MY day with Heather. All the attention is on ME."

And was it ever. She made sure of that. Also, blue popsicles are a huge hit with the preschool set.

Saturday was the big day for the actual recital and Anna was pretty amped. She must have run up and down this walkway a hundred and fifty times.

Unfortunately, Katie's dress rehearsal was the day before I got into town so my only photos of her are during the actual show, and therefore not very good. This was Katie's final performance as a dancer as she's decided to focus on soccer going forward. That kid LOVES soccer and she's really good at it so she's going to play on a competitive team (as opposed to the "for fun" league she's been in). In fact, she started the morning playing her last soccer game of the season. Jason and Joe went to pick her up halfway through the match and dashed her over to the auditorium for the recital.

She was soaking up the flowers and accolades after the performance.

And then soaked up some Oreos.

On Sunday, Jason and I hit the road back to Raleigh but decided to stop off in Greensboro for a bite. Yum Yum is closed on Sundays so we went to hit up another Greensboro institution - Ham's. And color us shocked. After 75 years of awesome sandwiches, the original Ham's has closed its doors. All that was left was this mural on the side of the building.

Sad though we were, we were still hungry. So we made our way downtown to Natty Greene's. (I very highly recommend the Carolina burger. Beef patty topped with cole slaw, chili, pickles, and cheese = OMG.)

With full bellies, we got back on the road and made it back to Raleigh just in time to do laundry and repack our bags for our flight to Philly the next morning. (And I think we all know how that kicked off.)

Till next time...


Alice said...

Oh. my. goodness! You did warn us. But I was still not prepared. Too cute for words.

andrea said...

This is why I need a daughter. Wrapped up in those pictures right there. So.Cute. And I love that you took Katie to Wicked! And that she wants to play competitive soccer!

hisgirlcridey said...

Natty Greene's is fantastic. Next time you're in town, you guys should hit up M'Couls across the street from Natty's. Great Irish food and lottttts of beer.

Peaches N Curry said...

I'm fairly certain that that level of cuteness is illegal. Had I gone to the recital I might have died from excessive squealing.

And hearing how much sass your nieces have makes it all the cuter :-)

Monique said...

Tooooooooooo cute!!!!!

Caitlin said...

They are adorable. And you're a fabulous aunt! I want a day with Aunt Heather too!