Monday, July 19, 2010

Bite me...again

I'll not mince words here. We are a group divided. Team Edward consists of Amy, Jenny and myself. Erica and Jennifer are Team Jacob.

We are trying very hard not to hold it against them because they do not yet realize the error of their ways. Brace yourselves, but...neither of them have actually finished the books.


But, divided or not, we have a tradition. Remember New Moon Day? This time, I hosted Twi-brunch and since Jenny is the biggest Twi-hard of us all I went to her for decorations. On Friday night, she handed over the goods.

We were dying laughing as we put Edward in the car. (I totally kept him sitting in the passenger seat all the way home.)

It occurred to me, as I walked through the halls of my apartment building, that if anyone saw me I would look like the biggest dork alive. Picture it:

11:30 pm
no makeup
wearing yoga pants, a hoodie and glasses
carrying an Edward Cullen cutout under one arm
and a massive bag of cat litter under the other

For realz. Biggest. Dork. ALIVE.

Anyway, Eclipse Day dawns and I'm up at 7:00 to set up for our 9:00 brunch. New Moon DVD on in the background and Edward standing guard over our Twi-lair.

Elwin was not a big fan of Edward. He came around the corner of the living room table and stopped short, just standing there looking up at him and hissing. George, on the other paw, was pretty welcoming. He walked right over and started rubbing his head all over Edward's leg.

The books are always good for decor and I made an iPad slideshow of quotes from Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse, set to music from the films. (Shout out to The Hostess Blog for providing the awesome graphics, free for all the world to use.)

The other members of Team Edward were the first to arrive. My specialty cocktails, Bella-linis and Bloody Edwards, were back for the occasion and I even found a much darker fruit juice for the Bloody Edwards this time. (They were kind of pink for New Moon Day.)

We were just hoping Jenny wouldn't go into labor during the movie. She took a little rest on the Edward blanket to get ready for the day ahead. (A coworker gave her that as a gag gift last Christmas. I just want to clarify that because, though we are most definitely big fans, we are not those fans.)

And in case you were wondering, Jenny hurt her ankle pretty badly several weeks ago and has had to wear a boot since they can't do an x-ray on her because of the bun in the oven. As you can imagine, being in her third trimester and wearing a boot during summer in the south is super fun for her.

Eclipse Day goes on much like New Moon Day before, spa, swooning over Edward at every opportunity, and capped off with dinner downtown. We're already discussing what to do for Breaking Dawn. We think a girls weekend away might be in order. I wonder if the Edward cut out would pass as a carry-on.

He certainly came in useful while Jason was in India...

What? It's for SAFETY. If someone broke in in the middle of the night, threatening my virtue, surely they would reconsider when they spotted a vampire of super-human strength and speed lying next to me. (Plus, I need to keep Jason on his toes.)


andrea said...

Admit it, the blanket is yours. It is so your style :)

And congrats to your SIL, I didn't know you were having another niece or nephew!

Beth said...

I'm with Andrea, you can make all the excuses you want but that blanket seems to fit your bed pretty perfectly...

Alice said...

OMG! Laughing out loud right now. Just fabulous!

Caitlin said...

Love it! If I lived in NC, I hope I would have been invited!

Heather said...

Absolutely Caitlin! If I remember correctly, I think you invited me to be the long-lost Marvin sister next Christmas so you're more than welcome to join the Sanger sisters anytime :)

Beth N said...

Love it. But it's team Jacob all the way.

1. Have you seen those abs?
2. He's the only somewhat decent actor in the movie (flame away, but it's true)

Heather said...

Honey, I love you and you know that. But you're effing crazy.

Beth N said...

H- we're gonna have to agree to disagree on this one!