Saturday, July 03, 2010

I'm a creep

Let's start at the beginning. (A very good place to start.)

In September of 2008, just before moving from London back home to Raleigh, I went to one last Jason Mraz show. It was at the Royal Albert Hall and it was, simply put, magical. I still get cold chills when I think of the you-could-hear-a-pin-drop silence when he sang Beautiful Mess. (As an aside, I'm not the only one who realized this was more than just another show. Jason himself wrote a few days later about finding himself in tears during his bow.) Anyway, another reason I loved this concert was because it introduced me to Ingrid Michaelson, Jason's opener. Until that night, we've never been so impressed with an opening act that we bought the cd on the spot. Our love for Ingrid continues to grow to this day.

Cut to this past February, visiting Phuze... (you remember the trip, yes?) Suze and I were in the car running some homemade biscuits up to the animal shelter for their charity event and I decided to play her one of my very favorite tunes. So I hooked up my iPhone and cued up a live cover of Radiohead's "Creep" by Ingrid Michaelson accompanied by only her ukelele. (Odd, but it works beautifully.) Suze had only just earlier played for me one of her faves - a live cover of Beyonce's "Halo" by Florence + the Machine so I felt it only right to return the favor. Suffice it to say I fell in love with Florence and Suze fell in love with Ingrid.

Cut to May, Ingrid on tour.... Phuze have tickets to see Ingrid live in Manchester. Phuze have been to A LOT of concerts. More than anyone I know. And Suze dubbed it Best Gig Ever. People, that says a lot when you consider the amount of shows they've been to. I suppose it didn't hurt that Suze hung around like a cheap groupie and got to meet Ingrid after the show. Suze has a great photo of her looking very smug standing next to Ingrid; you can see for yourself at the link above.

Cut to June 11, Ingrid's tour comes to Raleigh... She's playing at Lincoln Theatre, a small venue downtown.

We are stupid excited. Since we had only seen her as an opening act before, we couldn't wait for her whole show.

Unsurprisingly, she did not disappoint.

Cut to later in June, a sort of bummer of a day for various reasons... I check the post. And I smile. And just like that, my day got a little better.

Though I immediately knew who the sender was, I flip over the envelope. And I laugh. And my day got a little better still.

Inside was a hilarious (yet mildly disturbing) postcard from Egypt, where Phuze had recently holidayed...and a ticket stub from Ingrid's concert in Manchester. I was all, "Am I meant to send Suze one of my ticket stubs from the Raleigh show? Are we in some sort of ticket stub exchange that she didn't tell me about?"

Then I flip it over. And I laughed hard. And just like that, my bummer of a day was gone. Because, at that moment, nothing was funnier than one of my favorite artists telling me I was a creep.

{To: Heather! You R SUCH A CREEP! Ingrid}

This is an especially appropriate post for today since I'm flying to London this evening and Suze is dragging herself from the bucolic countryside into the manic city for a little fun.

Yes, this all happened rather rapidly. Long story long, Jason has been in London for the past week. On Thursday, he called, sounding very despondent. He's not coming home as planned. He has to stay through the next week. "Can you come over?", he says. "Sure!", I jokingly replied. "Let me just book myself a little trans-atlantic flight and I'll be there in two shakes!" "Okay." he says. Come again? "Okay."

He was serious. And roughly twenty minutes later I had a ticket. Long story short, he can't live without me. So, I'm hopping over for a few days to keep him from hanging himself on the shower curtain rod in the Marriott. All in a day's work for an otherwise unemployed wife. The pay is shit but the benefits are fantastic.


Vegemite Wife said...

Awwww, that warmed the old cockles of my heart! See you tomorrow in Larndarn for good times, booze and cake! XOXO

Robin said...

ahhhh you lucky, lucky girl!! have a great time!

Alice said...

Awwww. Have fun!

The Tune's said...

Have a wonderful trip!!!!!

MrsBlueberry said...

How sweet Heather! I hope you enjoy your trip. I am jealous as I sit here melting in the NC heat. :)

The English Belle said...

OMG! Brussels!!?? :) Its been a while since I visited your site ....I've been drowning in all things baby (x2!) I'm no longer blogging at london southern belle...but....have started again... at

Would be great to stay in touch again!