Friday, July 23, 2010

Kim Kim bo bim, banana fana fo fim, fee fi fo fim...KI-IM!

Being partial season ticket holders (don't get's just a ten game plan) for the Durham Bulls, we had free tickets to the USA baseball games at the DBAP last weekend. We had no idea who they would be playing - it could have been Micronesia for all we knew - but free is free so we were in.

We found ourselves in the area a bit early so we decided to grab a table at Tobacco Road on the patio overlooking the field and set the alarm to game time. According to our alarm, it looks like we're about halfway to game time:

Jason does what boys do and checks out the field to make sure all is in order. According to his professional assessment, it appears everything is under control. He approves.

And then, this happened. Seriously, it was kind of a monsoon. (Mumbai? Monsoon season? You got nothin' on this.) It was raining so hard it looked like a blizzard. Madness! So we had to wait out the delay at Tobacco Road.

But finally, the grounds crew rolls up the final tarp. Game on!

Turned out we were playing Korea. Fact: There are a lot of Kims in Korea. Either this team was half made up of a group of Kim brothers or it's a pretty common name over there. I know some might say, "It's like the Korean equivalent to Smith."

Okay. Fine. But riddle me this: If you lined up twelve members of an American baseball team, would six of them have the name Smith?

Not likely.

Seriously, check it out. Go ahead and click on this here photo to blow it up:

Players 23, 3, 13, 14, 1, and 6 ARE ALL NAMED KIM. And I kid you not, there was also a Kim on base, a Kim warming up in the bull pen, a Kim catching for the pitcher warming up in the bullpen, and the coach was named Kim. We couldn't get over it. We quit paying attention to the game and spent several innings counting Kims.

And now I don't know how to end this post because how do you follow a paragraph like that? What's left to say? I feel like a rapper - finishing a song, holding my arm straight out in front of me, dropping the mic and just turning around and walking off stage.


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Tola said...

that's because most if the players on American teams are Dominicans.

Heather said...

Not on team USA they're not....