Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A day of squee

I find myself, once again, with a major holiday hangover. A week at the beach is lovely. The first few days back in the real world after a week at the beach are...less so. But while I wait for a few more pics to trickle in from the the fam, let me share with you my squee-worthy moments from the Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic on Sunday. (You may recall me mooning over a few hockey players at last year's Classic.)

In addition to the regular 'Canes players in attendance, I was pretty excited when I saw some other familiar names on the celebrity roster. (Pretty excited = ZOMG!!!!1!!1!!!! SWOON.) So I put on my highest SPF and Sunday best (Sunday best in upper 90's temps = Old Navy cotton tank dress, baseball hat and Rainbows.) and we hit the links.

Our first order of business was to find the Hooters tent. Hooters has the BEST swag by far. It was like an oasis when we spotted it in the distance.

And on the way to the Hooters tent, we happened upon one of the people I was stalking. Chris "The Final Rose" Harrison! Squeeeeee! I had so many questions I wanted to ask. Is The Weatherman as dorky as he comes across on tv? Is Tenley really that innocent? Is Gia really that dumb? How about that Rozlyn? What a bitch, huh? Why does Ali wear so much yellow? Do you think Craig M is a sociopath? Jake turned out to be kind of an a-hole, didn't he? Was it hard to look directly at Vienna because of her crazy eye? Would you please say "If you didn't receive a rose, take a moment and say your goodbyes."?

And that just covers the last two seasons!

Unfortunately, there were a few other fangirls waiting for their turn with trash tv's favorite host so I settled for a quick photo. Though he did confirm what I had read when he mentioned that Chris Lambton and Jesse Beck were hanging around somewhere.

As we left, I said to Jason "Fifty bucks says Chris and Jesse are at the Hooters tent." And I was so right.

As we were approaching the area, Chris "The Bod of Cape Cod" Lambton spotted us and, as we were wearing our Sox hats, said "Do I see a couple of Red Sox fans headed this way? Nice!" While he and Jason exchanged the obligatory "What part of Mass are you from?" pleasantries, I stood there gaping and thinking "Ohmahgah. My husband and Chris Lambton are totally chatting it up. What are the chances they'll become BFFs and Chris will come over to drink Sam Adams and watch Sox games? Odds are probably not good considering I mentioned to Jason that I was in love with Chris. Wonder if I can convince him I was kidding?"

Jason did me proud when he told Chris that I had been pulling for him to end up with Ali. I said that I had made Jason watch a couple of episodes with me and Chris goes "I'm sorry, man."

At that point, my inner monologue went something like this: "Gah! Chris is totally joking around with Jason! He wants to be friends! I just know it! This could work! What will I wear when Chris comes over to drink Sam Adams and watch Sox games?!?"

And then Jason sabotaged me. He made me laugh while I was getting my photo with Chris so I look like a total goober in the picture. Well played, Jason. Well played.

After I recovered from having Chris' arm around me, I wanted to meet Jesse but I was too embarrassed to interrupt his cornhole game.

Later, we set up camp at one of the holes and watched a few groups come through. And we almost got hit by a golf ball belonging to none other than the recently-retired captain of the Hurricanes, Rod Brind'Amour! It landed mere inches from our feet. Exciting!

Finally, my favorite Hurricanes player of all time, Erik Cole, came though. We had a great chat with him last year and this year, he walked onto the green with a couple of little ones in tow - a cancer patient and his little brother. My heart melts a little more every time I hear a story about Erik's involvement in local charities or see something like this. Since he was with the kids, and very rightly focusing on them, I figured we wouldn't be able to say hi this year...and then we heard some thunder rolling in so we decided to pack up and head out.

We were walking along the cart path by the next hole when Erik's foursome pulled up to tee off so we stopped to watch. As soon as Erik pulled up in his cart, he jumped out and said "Sorry about that; I had a couple of buddies with me back there but I had to come say hi to the Red Sox fans." And he walked over and put his hand over the B on my hat, just like last year. He goes "I remember you guys."

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Erik Cole remembers us!!!! Gah! I almost started running around in circles until I slammed into a tree and knocked myself out, faceplanted in the grass with cartoon birds circling around my head. But I kept my cool and made convo like a normal person. However, you can tell by the huge cheese on my face that I'm squeeeeing on the inside.

See? Pure squee.

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Alice said...

This made me laugh. Mostly the use of the word cornhole (which I know is real, but still)...laughing, laughing, laughing.

Love the pics!