Thursday, August 26, 2010

I've created a monster

I made the huge mistake of letting Elwin lick my Activia spoon one evening (After I was finished with it, OBVIOUSLY. I have boundaries. And I've seen what he does with that tongue. It's good to love your pets. Just don't LOVE your pets, you know?) and now, he's addicted to the stuff. You can hardly get one out of the fridge on account of his supersonic hearing. He will go absolutely apeshit. So I decided to document his Activia love, in two parts: The Stalking of the Prey and The Capture and Nom.

The reason it's in two parts at different times is because it didn't occur to me to put the carton down on the table and let him go at it while photographing The Stalking. So I was finding it near impossible to let him lick the carton I was holding in one hand while trying to take iPhone pictures with the other hand.

All dai I dreem of the bifidus regularis.

Oh hai. No mind me. I iz onlee seeking targit. Deelishus creemy targit.

Targit akwired.

Do I smellz de probiotics? Skuze me plz. Incumming.

What yoo have der, hooman? Iz the Activias? WANT. Wat flavur yoo got?



Very well. Ur foodz offring pleezes me.

Wat? No! Dis not skratching pad! Dis mai throne!

Plz to put some katnipz on mai throne?


Ashely said...

That was so funny!

andrea said...

I love it!

Valérie said...

Love it! My cat used to go crazy for activia too but the ultimate nom fest was vanilla ice cream...

(found your blog through Andrea & Vegemite and really enjoy it btw!)

The Tune's said...

That is great! Bailey acts like that with Starbucks cups. We give her the lids now when we come home and she goes nuts.

Alice said...

:) Activia does the same thing to me.

Vegemite Wife said...

Photo 3 is my favourite.
Valérie - good skills!

cassandra said...

That was hilarious!!!!

peachesandcurry said...

The 3rd picture is the best! No video of this? Next time then!