Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jumbled notes on food and beverage

First up... Do I really have to say anything about this?

Jason made the horrible mistake of splitting up in the grocery store to make our shop quicker. He took fruit, veg, meat and dairy and gave me packaged goods. I hit the chip aisle and immediately threw the brakes on the cart. I sent Jason this photo in a text accompanied by nothing more than "O. M. G." Since our week-long beach holiday is approaching and I'm still carrying a little extra "Belgian Baggage" in my trunk (seriously people, dumps like a truck truck truck...but not in the complimentary way the great poet Sisqo meant) I didn't add this culinary delight to my cart. But you'd better believe I'm getting some to take with us. Them's the rules: Thou shalt abstain from the junk prior to the trip and eat nothing but the junk during the trip.

At the other end of the spectrum... As I was about to slice up this lovely Roma tomato a couple of nights ago, I noticed something on one of the stickers. Now, I'm all for buying organic fruit and veg. But I would like to know what in heaven's name is so special about this tomato that it's a...LIMITED EDITION.

F'realz??? Limited edition tomatoes??? Zac Posen for Target is a limited edition. Starbucks' summer blend coffee which is specially meant to be made into iced coffee is a limited edition. Marc Jacobs' commemorative Stephen Sprouse line for Louis Vuitton is a limited edition. Hell, for a while there, Cap'n Crunch Crunchberry: All Berries! was a limited edition. (Now they make it all the time. Which makes it far less appealing in my opinion.) Are Roma tomatoes an endangered species? Is there a finite number of Romas left in this cruel, cruel world? Do we not have enough problems without adding limited tomatoes to the list? Perish!

And finally... Jason and I recently found ourselves on the side of Raleigh where we used to live many moons ago. When we had less...ahem...liquid assets. Let's just say it's not the part of town in which I would choose to live now that we're more....ahem...liquid. I mean, it's not awful or scary or anything like that. For chrissakes, it has a Target afterall. But the Target sits on the main artery that locals like to call "Crapital Boulevard". (So clever! Just add an "r" to Capital and it becomes Crapital! Splendid!)

Anyway, we realized we were hungry (Who, me?!? Hungry?!? Well, I never...) and it was nearing supper time. So Jason threw out the idea of going to our old standby Mexican place. We used to eat here about once a week in the days of limited liquidity (and faster metabolism - ahh youth!) and it's a total dive. But in a good way. It's clean and all, but the decor is hilariously kitschy (think airbrushed wall murals) and it's all vinyl booths and laminate tables. And did I mention cheap?

Right away, Jason orders a jumbo margarita for us to go sharesies on. Because have you ever checked the calories in a margarita?!? Brace yourselves. It's not good you guys. Throw in the through-the-roof sodium content and I might as well walk around with ziplock baggies of this Mexican Miracle attached right to my thighs. So we were all "Uno glass and dos straws, por favor!"

And this moment simply could not pass without a photo.

As I mentioned earlier in the post, the Annual Sanger Family Beach Bonanza is upon us so for the next week I'll be living the oceanfront life here:

And sitting in this adirondack chair on one of those balconies looking at this:

And probably using our private direct-from-pool-or-house beach access to hang out here:

{All beach photos stolen from the property management's website. If you want to sue me, you obviously know where to find me.}

Think of me while I'm reapplying my SPF 1,000,000,000 every thirty minutes and scanning the water for ominous dorsal fins.

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Alice said...

Beach and chips...I can't imagine it gets much better than that. Hope you have a fun trip! :)