Monday, August 09, 2010

Rebellion, Part the 2nd

Phase II of Project Rebellion coincided with a visit from a dear old friend. Smellanie was making her annual pilgrimage from Denver to North Carolina and if there's one thing Fellanie knows how to do, it's drank. I can't even come close to keeping up with her but dang if I didn't try my hardest.

Unfortunately, Hellanie spent much of her first night in town trying to get this dude and his similarly elderly friends to leave us alone. Though you can hardly blame him. We are an awfully good-looking group of gals. I have a pretty awesome HD video (thanks iPhone 4!) of her perched on the bar singing along to Piano Man and maybe (definitely) dribbling (pouring) just a little bit (about half a pint) of her beer onto his head when he joined in.

Another night, same game. Now, if you'll think back to my last post and how I hinted at things to come, you'll see that this picture was taken sometime right after beer tequila tequila and perhaps right between vodka and vodka. Olivia and I thought it was a great idea to give this ATM a lap dance. I'm not even ashamed.

If memory serves (And why wouldn't it after rum vodka vodka wine beer tequila tequila vodka vodka beer?) this was right before taxi hot dogs faceplant. You know it's serious business when the hair goes up into a ponytail.

I recall looking at Jason shortly after this pic and saying "I'm outskies. Yep. Done. Home. Now." Then there was a cab and hotdogs and what felt like the longest elevator ride EVER up to our apartment. The end.

The moral? Going on a bender will, unfortunately, not get back the job that went to someone else. But it will absolutely make you forget all about it for several hours. And that was enough for me.


Caitlin said...

Sometimes you just need tequila and lots of it. I love the last photo!

Alice said...

It made me feel better for you! :)

Felanie Melanie said...

DANG!!! I have not visited your blog in FOREVER!!! But man, I love the shout out...and you :)!!!