Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Above and beyond

Jason, on Monday: Hey, can you check with Schramsberg and see if we're getting a Cellar Club shipment this month?

Me: Sure.

Jason, on Tuesday: Did you find out anything about the Schramsberg?

Me: Shoot! I forgot. I'll do it today.

Jason, on Wednesday: Did you get a chance to talk to anybody at Schramsberg?

Me: GAH! Totally forgot again. I'm on it. Got it.

Jason, on Thursday: What's up with Schramsberg?

Me: Dammit! Sorry, sorry, sorry. I swear I'll do it today.

Jason, on Friday: Are you ever going to get in touch with Schramsberg?

Me: Shitfuckdammit! Write it down for me please. You know if it's not written down, it doesn't exist in my world. Just WRITE IT DOWN. Here's some junk mail. Write it on that envelope and put it with my notebook.

Overkill? Maybe. But I remembered to do it that day.


mlevy said...

That's wonderful! Oh, and you are getting a shippment in October - fear not. Cheers! Matt from Schramsberg

Peaches N Curry said...

I love your language. We curse like sailors too. Sometimes I feel the need to censor myself (Southern manners / guilt) and then I think if Yanks can do it, then why the f*ck can't I?


see I just did it's like this shameful secret that I yearn to set free...

Heather said...

Matt - thanks for your comment! Jason and I were dying laughing that someone from Schramsberg saw this! We got a kick out that :)

Beth - You know, I used to censor my language on here because some of my family read it. But eventually I gave up and decided to just be myself. I'm 33 years old fer crying out loud! It's time to stop being afraid of my mom knowing I drop the occasional f-bomb.