Thursday, September 16, 2010

Eastbound and down

Considering summer is almost officially over (could someone please remind the 95 degree North Carolina sun of this fact?), I reckon it's high time I get around to documenting the Annual Sanger Family Beach Trip Extravaganza.

But! Before I do, let me first document the Pre Sanger Family Beach Trip Extravaganza Weekend Getaway To Wilmington For Just The Two Of Us. As my old friend Jacob, who we visited while in town,'s always good to have a sanity check before embarking on family time. So we booked ourselves for a night at the Front Street Inn and hit the eastbound highway.

The trip did not get off to the most salubrious start since we found ourselves in the armpit of North Carolina round about breakfast time. I love this great state of mine but I'll be the first to admit that there's a stretch between Raleigh and the coast that's not what I would call "nice". Or even "habitable", really.

Breakfast in a gas station Arby's. Yeah. That happened.

I tried to make the most out of it and decided to order this delicious-looking chicken biscuit. Does it not look so yummy?!? I mean look at that gorgeous piece of fried chicken sitting between two layers of fluffy, buttery biscuit. I couldn't wait to dig in!

Um. Okay. WHAT. THE. FARK. IS. THIS? And this is what you get for eating breakfast at a gas station Arby's in the armpit of North Carolina.

Things quickly made a turn for the better once we got to Wilmington though. Drinks before lunch? Okay. As I say, it's always five o'clock on vacation.

Let's do this.

After we were sufficiently cooled off, we attempted a walk around town. Always plenty of lovely things to see in this fine city. I am especially enamored with all the boats docked along the riverwalk.

Patriotic flags flying in the wind... All the important ones - the US flag, the NC flag.

The hot dog flag...

Public art...the Key Fence.

In March the key count was up to about 30,000. No idea what the updated number is but there were definitely a lot.

A gorgeous entry gate to an historic home on Front Street....

Once the heat became too much for us, we headed indoors for a nice cool bevy and some pub trivia. We won! Jaser wins! Does it matter that we were the only ones playing?? No! We WIN SUCKAS!

After our victory parade through the pub, we decided to see if our room was ready for check in. We highly recommend the Front Street Inn. This building was on the historic Walking Tour That Would Never End from our last visit to Wilmington. Remember that tour? Probably not. Because you're not the one who lived through it. But I remember. I'll never forget.

And lo! The room was ready. We had waited till the very last minute to book this (Who, us? No! Never!) so we got the last room available, which also happened to be the smallest room. But it was more than enough space for us.

We freshened up and headed back out for the evening. After an early sushi dinner with Jacob and his wife and little boy, we headed back to the ingeniously named riverwalk for well, a the river. A gorgeous sunset over the USS North Carolina battleship.

And, lucky us. There was a KISS cover band that night! There is something pretty disturbing about hearing the lyrics "Put your hand into my pocket and grab onto my rocket" at a Fun for the whole family! event.

These guys take this stuff quite seriously. You don't go half-assing a KISS outfit, people.

And the next morning, we packed it up and drove another hour or so down the coastline to Ocean Isle where the Annual Sanger Family Beach Trip Extravaganza commenced with a bang. But that's a whole other post.


Vegemite Wife said...

I've always wanted to try what Americans call a 'biscuit'. I don't now. My thighs thank you.

Heather said...

You're making a huge mistake. HUGE. Our biscuits are proof that there is a god.

Kim said...

Chicken biscuits are heavenly. Not that one in particular, but most other ones. Thanks for the pictures of Wilmington. I went to UNCW and I haven't been back in years!

Alice said...

Any good southern occasionally has to eat in a gas station. It's required.