Friday, November 12, 2010

No tradesies backsies...UPDATED

First things first - I'm trying to sit quietly in Starbucks right now but I'm having a major squee moment and I have to get it out of my system. On the way here, Jason and I are in the elevator of our apartment building heading down to the 1st floor to walk over to the 'Bucks when I see the elevator is stopping on the 2nd floor, presumably to pick up a fellow resident. You may remember (and if attention!!!) me mentioning some time ago that some Hurricanes players live in our building.

Well, sure as shit, the elevator doors open and who walks in but none other than Tuomo Ruutu. According to Jason, my eyes got about as big as saucers as I stood there next to him grinning like the village idiot. I managed to squeak out "Good luck tonight" as I slipped out of the elevator and he smiled and said...wait for it...get this..."Thanks."


Ok, I think I'm good now. Carrying on.

***UPDATE as of 9:00 Friday morning: Jason tells me I am no longer allowed to speak to Hurricanes players on game days since we suffered a humiliating 8-1 loss last night. Add to this the fact that we ran into Jussi Jokinen in the mailroom on Tuesday but I was too surprised and caught off guard to say anything to him and we ended up beating the Oilers into oblivion 7-1 that evening, so Jason has convinced himself that I might be a curse. With at least six players that we know of living in our building (and others rotating in and out as callups from the Checkers) and at least two on our floor, the potential for disaster is too enormous to ignore and I have orders to not leave the confines of our apartment on home game days until I am reasonably certain all players have departed for the arena.***

You may remember (and if attention!!!) me mentioning some time ago that lil ol' Raleigh is getting the 2011 NHL All-Star Game. This is, as Ron Burgundy might say, kind of a big deal. As you know, events like this don't just happen. They take an extraordinary amount of planning and near endless numbers of people to come together. So the NHL put a call out for volunteers and as someone who would give just about anything to work in sports, I was all "Me me me me me me!!!!!" and Jason was all "Sure, sounds fun."

Now, as season ticket holders, we have been given the privileged opportunity to fork over hundreds of dollars for tickets to both the game and the skills competition. Which we did. Willingly. In fact, I couldn't get somebody to take our money quick enough. I was ready to make it rain for these tickets.

But there will be All-Star events going on the whole week leading up to the main event. And they need people to help out with these events. And that's why we spent last night at the RBC center with well over a thousand other hopefuls filling out volunteer applications. But we were rewarded for our time. Upon turning in our papers, we were each given....

...a pack of trading cards! Whoop whoop! So, as soon as we got back home, we started inspecting cards and wheeling and dealing to work out some trades like a couple of third graders. First, we both called out our one untouchable card. Mine was Rob Schremp of the Islanders, the sole reason being that I follow him on Twitter and he seems like a very nice guy. Jason's was Mike Richards of the Flyers because he's team captain. Then we make a few trades and decide on a few more keepers until we're each left with two cards still on the table.

One of whom is this guy. Look at the face on him! I'm going to have nightmares! Jason was all "Good luck getting rid of that one. HA!"

And then Jason offers up his last two for me to choose from. I quickly scan stats and read the first line of one which included the words "career-high" and "highest scoring defenseman" and immediately declare that I'll take this one.

And Jason immediately grabs my last card and says "OK! No tradesies backsies!" I was like "Ok fine. Why would I want to...HEY! Wait a minute! Two goals against CAROLINA on December 9?!?!?!? GAH! I don't want it!" But by this time, Jason's halfway across the apartment repeating "No tradesies backsies! No tradesies backsies!"

And that, dear readers, is a small glimpse into the life of two 30-somethings who never actually grew up.


The Tune's said...

Good Luck in getting chosen to volunteer for the NHL All Star Game....that would be pretty damn cool!

P.S.- did you see that shootout with my team last night? All I can say is pitiful :-(

Heather said...

Oh lord, yes I saw it. That was beyond brutal. KovalCHOKE, huh? Your million dollar man...

We're getting railroaded by the Flyers at the moment so not having a great time at the Canes game. Bleh.

Vegemite Wife said...

I think I understood about a tenth of this post. I can't wait til you educate me in the ways of hockey next year.
grasshopper x

Peaches N Curry said...

The title to this post totally made me think of Dumb & Dumber. And that always makes me smile.

peachesandcurry said...

wow 8-1? Do people sit through the end when it's like that? Though good fans usually do ;)
It's results like these that make me feel not that bad when I lose in my rinky-dink indoor soccer league.

Man 8-1... I just can't get over that... I get so upset when LFC loses 2-0!

Heather said...

Shaloot - I know, it was beyond BRUTAL. But fans that leave early are a huge pet peeve of mine. The way we see it, if we can stay till the end when times are good, we can stay till the end when times are bad. As my dad would say, "It builds character." :)

So, for good games we stay through the announcement of the three stars of the game and for bad games, we stay through the final buzzer.