Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mini Me

Uh, woah. This thing kind of got away from me I guess. I sort of just remembered I even HAD a blog. But considering I haven't posted in...ohh, round about a month or so now...I imagine there are approximately two of you still there.

But, you two are in luck! Because I've got some excellent material to catch up on as well as some serious misadventures with Phuze coming up in the very near future. Let's get things cracking with Christmas.

So, guess what I got for Christmas. A NEW CAR! But not just any car. My dream car. A brand spanking new 2011 Mini Cooper. With all the bells and whistles even! Heated seats, dual sun roof, bluetooth phone hookup and a sound system that would make Dr. Dre proud. (And I think some other fancy stuff but I zoned out once my rear end got all toasty.)

Jason somehow managed to sneak around for two whole weeks, making several covert trips to the dealership under the guise of "doing some work at Starbucks". (How do you trade in someone's car without them EVEN NOTICING???)

On Christmas Eve, as we were walking out to load the Lexus up with all the gifts we were taking to my family, Jason stops and tells me he wants to give me my gift now. I was all "Seriously? Now? I've got about a metric ton of presents in my arms and you want to exchange gifts NOW?" He pulls a small box out of his pocket. I open it. I was in a state of confusion. He had rendered my logical thinking skills totally useless. I just kept saying "I don't get it. What is this? What is happening right now???"

And he pointed across the parking deck. At this:

I still don't even know what my reaction was. But once I came to grips with the fact that this beauty was mine, all mine...I guess I hugged her. Photo evidence certainly suggests that I did exactly that.

What's not to love?? They even left Mini chewing gum in the cup holders! (I'm a sucker for little touches like that...)

Sadly, we didn't have much time before we had to hit the road so I only got to take a quick spin around the block before we had to park her for the next few days. We couldn't take her on the road trip because of Snowpocalypse 2010 that was supposedly on its way.

But I'm making up for lost time now. Zipping all over town in my sweet wheels. Practicing my Italian Job moves. I even got my racing stripes!

"Plz to make me go moar faster?"