Monday, June 20, 2011

Tap tap tap. Is this thing on? I launch into a long soliloquy about my absence, explaining that pure and utter devastation - bordering on depression - over George's passing rendered me incapable of communication with anyone besides Jason and that eventually gave way to general busy-ness and that led me to the "Blog over. I'm getting off this journaling merry go round and not looking back." mentality but so many people have been asking me to start blogging again (Why, hello flattery!) that I eventually started thinking "Eh? Maybe? I don't know. Bleh. But, then again...maybe?" or do I just act like I was never gone and be all "Hey y'all."?

Or maybe I'll jump right back in with what may be my most incomprehensible run-on sentence yet. Yes. Let's do that.

You may be wondering what I've been up to since...hold on, let me check...(HOLY HELL.)...Friday March 25. In true Heather fashion, I'll tell you in photos. (But only the minor stuff. I've got a lot of major stuff that each deserves its own post.)

After the Hurricanes missed the playoffs by two points on the very last game of the regular season, we road-tripped to Charlotte and watched the Checkers hustle and flow their way through the Hershey Bears and the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins in the AHL Calder Cup playoffs.

Puck you, Fahey.

Good. You guys celebrate that amazing come-from-behind victory by hugging it out.

We're going to celebrate at the bar in the A-Loft hotel by chugging cocktails and playing Jenga.

Those two things go together, right?



We watched Elwin go through a very strange phase wherein he spent approximately 20 hours a day in this Whole Foods bag. He loved it so much I put it in an out of the way spot so he could keep it until he moved on to his next thing. (His "thing" used to be to sit/sleep on top of the dryer. How he got the laundry closet door open day after day I'll never know. And now, it's under the blanket on the bed, even when the bed is made. We usually come home to a small white lump.)

Seeriusly yoo guys. I can haz a privasee??

And since everyone knows what an Anglophile I am (I left a little piece of my heart in London two and a half years ago.), I bet many of you wondered how I celebrated the Royal Wedding. Well, I celebrated like this:

Royal Wedding tat/swag provided courtesy of one Suzette, a princess among women.

Then we watched the Charlotte Checkers end their playoff run kind of like this:

Of course we watched Sadie grow cuter every day.

Be my valentine?

The Easter Bunneh brought me a cute! I has a cute!

It's my baptism after-party and I'll pout if I want to.

Dancing on the bar is cute when you're 7 months old.

I has a swimming!

I has a cosy!

I has a Hollywood!

And we watched Liam slowly realize he was going to have to be sharing the spotlight with his little sister.

Now wait just a minute. Are you telling me that Sadie is getting cuter by the day? This will not do.

Don't worry, Liam. Something tells me you can hold your own in that department.

Remember when I did that cute thing a few minutes ago? Was that cuter than Sadie? How about this? With the sunglasses? Is this cuter than Sadie in her sunglasses?

For my last trick, I'll tell you all the story about how I came back from a trip involving two amazing weddings (which both count as a major thing and will be covered in their own posts), saw a rather unflattering photo of myself, burst into tears, immediately signed up for the Weight Watchers online program, lost 8 lbs. in the first two weeks and am well on my way back to being a skinny girl! And since I just told you the whole story in the part where I was telling you I was going to tell you a story, I'll be signing off for now. But, this time, I really truly promise I'll post again very soon. And this time, I mean it. BOOM.


The Tune's said...

Welcome back to your blog Heather!!! I can truly relate to the horrible picture scenario (have a few weight loss goals to meet shortly).

Sara said...

Yea! So glad your back! Figured some hockey news would help! :)

Alice said...

YAY! Please don't stop blogging. I will join in the chorus of flattery for you. Love it! Missed it! So glad you're blogging again!!

Monique said...

YAY glad you are back to blogging :)

andrea said...

You better be back for good!

And good job on the 8 lbs, although I would always classify you as a skinny girl :)

mrs.mfc said...

So glad you're back!!!