Monday, July 18, 2011

Anna the sage

I had the pleasure of spending some additional time with Anna last week, one-on-one. We chatted quite a lot. And most of the time, it was like talking to...well...a five year old. Here are a few of her gems - some one-liners and some conversational:

"Woah! I dropped one big deuce in there! And three little deuces. Can you smell it?"

Anna: "Is that Sprite?"
Me: "No. But are you allowed to have Sprite?"
Anna: "Sometimes."
Me: "Really? How often?"
Anna: "Like sometimes if we go to a restaurant."
Me: "Oh, like a special treat?"
Anna: "Yeah. And you can get cherries in it sometimes. That's my favorite. It's really fancy. You should order it one time."

"One time, I heard a bird so I talked to it in chirps and it talked back to me."

"I wish I could pet a rabbit. But I can't because they might have cavities. *pause* And rabies."

"Heather, what happens if you pee in the pool?" *cue the dirty looks and mass exodus*

As we were enjoying our pool-side snack of blackberries, strawberries and Sunchips, we got to talking about foods we like and Anna got super excited every time we shared a favorite. (Anna: "What's your favorite berry?" Me: "Blackberries." Anna: "ME TOO!" Whether she was just caught up in the moment and wanted the bonding experience or blackberries really are her favorite berry, I don't know.) After several exclamations of "ME TOO!", Anna declared me to be one of her best friends. I asked her who some of her other best friends were and she listed off the following: "Maya, Ava Grace, Leah (her nanny), Noir (her cat who passed away last year), Sophie (her Cavalier spaniel), Jesus, Mary, Joseph and Moses."

And after Jason had told Anna on Monday evening that the Tarheels invented bees, (There is a major ongoing war between those two about who is better, the Tarheels or the "Dukes" - as Anna says. Poor child has been indoctrinated by her UNC-CH grad parents and is a Tarheels fan, taught to hate the Dukes. And in case you were wondering, she thinks the "States" suck too.) she said to me over lunch "Teams didn't really invent bees, right? It was God."

You know, that kid seems pretty tight with the big man upstairs...


The Tune's said...

I don't know what would scare you more, her comment on dropping the big deuce and "do you smell it?" or the peeing in the pool comment.

Kids are too funny!

Alice said...

These made me laugh out loud! Oh, what kids will say... and I love that Jesus, Mary, Joseph and Moses are her best friends.