Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How do gummy bears make you feel?

We are the best aunt and uncle ever. No. I'm serious. EVER. Don't even try to compete with us because we will beat you.

Yesterday afternoon, I took Anna swimming and when Jason got home we walked to Chick-Fil-A for dinner. And since Jason and I live in what amounts to Disneyworld, Chick-Fil-A happens to be about 50 feet from Ben & Jerry's. And since all Jason and I had to do was feed the child and drop her back off at Nana's for bed, we couldn't think of a single reason not to get her jacked up beyond belief on sugar.

Get a load of the size of that sundae. Oreo ice cream, topped with m&m's, sprinkles, gummy bears and whipped cream.

We started to realize that we may have underestimated the repercussions when Anna started singing an ode to the gummy bears that quickly segued into the Cruella De Vil song:

Even though she didn't finish the sugary monstrosity (we discreetly took it away when she started pirouetting over and over and over) Jason got her a little cup of extra gummy bears to take on the road as a consolation prize.

How do the gummy bears make Anna feel? I'll let her tell you:
In case you didn't catch all that, I'll transcribe. "Sweet. Sour. And beautiful. And it feels like a miracle."

Have fun getting her to bed Nana!


Amy said...

nothing like a gummy bears to make you feel beautiful and sweet and sour all at one time.

Ashely said...

i don't know.....I'm on vacation and my nephew and I are getting ready to have pirate day. You might be beat....

Vegemite Wife said...

You are an evil genius. That's all.

The Tune's said...

You have some powerful gummy bears in NC!

Alice said...

Will you be my aunt and uncle??