Friday, July 08, 2011

In the meantime, read this crap that probably won't interest you in the least

Since we've been very travel-y as of late, blog duties have fallen by the wayside just a bit. But the difference is, this time...I actually care! So, while I'm working on the next installment I'll leave you with a few bits and bobs (as they say in jolly ol').

Does it disturb/irk anyone else that Aidan from Sex and the City is narrating the Applebee's commercials? Because it's really starting to annoy me. What with all the furniture making, buying trips to the Middle East and cheating with Carrie, how does he find the time???

I read a really good book recently - American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld. She is a very different type of author in that her books will suck you right in despite the fact that nothing major is actually happening. (If you haven't read Prep, do it now. Not one significant event ever occurs but I promise it will keep you turning the pages. I've never talked to anyone that's read it and didn't have the same opinion.) (Sidebar: I didn't much care for Man of My Dreams.)

Last week I got a wild hair -pun intended- and decided I wanted bangs. So I got bangs. Nothing severe. Just a little side-swept thingie. I texted Jason a picture after I left the salon and his reply was "Nice! Hot.", which is so very un-Jason like. (The "hot" part, I mean.) I was all "Simmer down, McLovin. They're just bangs."

In other news, despite being very travel-y (which, as we all know, wreaks havoc on one's weight loss efforts) I have lost a grand total of 10 pounds. I know it would have definitely been more if we'd not been galavanting around the coast of North Carolina for the past two long weekends but I refuse to deprive myself when I'm on holiday. I try to practice some restraint but if there's crab dip, I will damn well eat it. And I will love it. Even if it means the weight doesn't come off quite as quickly. Some things are worth it. My short-term goal is 5 more pounds before our Ocracoke holiday the week of July 25.


andrea said...

American Wife was a good book, I concur. I loved Prep.

Um, if you lose 5 more pounds you will disappear.

The Tune's said...

Book to add to the reading list. I can't put down The Nightingale right now.

Congrats on the 5 lbs. I still have 10 to go after a weekend in the Berkshires. Time to get moving this week and next!

Sara said...

Must add those to my reading list! Nice on the 10 lbs..I am on the "oh your clothes fit better, but the scale shows nothing" plan, it really helps keep one motivated...ha! :)