Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wedding Mania, Part I...Anteeguh

For this installment of Where in the World are the Sangers, we'll be visiting tropical climes for a wedding. (One of two weddings we were to attend in the span of one week, in two different countries.)

But before I get into this one I really need to clear something up. Almost every time I mentioned to someone that I was going to Antigua (pronounced An-tee-guh), they would reply "Oh wow! Antigua! (pronounced An-tee-gwa) Fun!". Like they were doing that thing where you correct someone passively by repeating what they said but pronouncing it a different way?

Well, folks. I'm here to tell you that both pronunciations are correct, so lay off. Look it up.

Now. Let's start where every good trip starts. With me paralyzed by indecision on what to pack and what to leave behind. Six dresses, two belts, two pairs of wedge espadrilles, one pair of flat sandals, seven tops, one skirt, one pair of white skinny jeans, one pair of shorts and one pair of slouchy cargo capris, not counting my travel outfit of leggings, two layered tanks, a cardie and Tory Burch flip flops. We were gone for all of six days - two of which I wore my travel outfit. And I spent the majority of my time in swimwear. You do the totally effed-up math.

Aaaaand we're off! It's never too early for airport vacay-kickoff cocktails.

However, it is sometimes too early for me to keep up the pace. (Jason tells me I was really not cut out for coach class travel. What tipped him off, I wonder? My cashmere sleep mask? The Tiffany keys hanging around my neck? The Dior lip balm I slicked on prior to takeoff?)

Upon arrival we admired the flora...

And the fauna...

Though the fauna made a hasty retreat before I got to ask him if he knew how I could save money on my car insurance.

But, in reality, the flora and the fauna were just minor obstacles en route to this little slice of paradise.

And paradise it was. I'm not typically an ocean person but when the water is the color of a pool and the temperature of a tepid bath, I'm infinitely more agreeable to a dip.

Though it would have been great blog material, I did not get the very "best in hair braiding".

(Neither did Jason, in case you were wondering. He doubted the braids would fit under his Sox hat.)

But I did realize a life-long dream of ordering and drinking a cocktail in a pool bar. So there's that.

The evening before the wedding, our hosts had arranged a sunset cruise for anyone who wanted to join. And it was stunning. But screw the scenery. I know what you really want to see. And that's a picture of us. Right? Don't say I never gave you anything.

Ok, fine. I'll throw in some scenery. (Next time we come to Antigua, I'm going to stay here. I think it's a private residence but I'll make 'em an offer.)

Huh. I guess that's why they call it a sunset cruise.

Yet, the fun continued well past sunset!

And finally, it was time. This really makes me wish I'd had the type of wedding where a calypso band was situationally appropriate. My favorite part was when the bride walked in to a steel drum version of the Wedding March. Love!

On a Caribbean beach, at sunset. There are worse places for a wedding, people. Not a bad location at all...

No. Really. NOT BAD.

Look, I know this isn't the best photo of us (there is one slight drawback to a beach wedding, and it's called holymaryitscrazystupidhotandnowiamdrenchedinsweat) but how often are we on a beach in the Caribbean, at sunset, dressed in designer duds? Like, never. So I was all, "Listen up, mister. I paid a pretty penny for this Patterson dress and these Dolce Vita shoes and I want this outfit documented. I don't care if you're two minutes from a heat stroke. You will stand here next to me and take a damn picture. AND YOU WILL LOVE IT."

Too soon, the next wedding back in the States was looming around the corner so we had to bid farewell to Anteeguh and its colorful flag.

But, thanks to an odd flight schedule that had us staying overnight in Miami before continuing on back to Raleigh, we had one of the best hotel stays of our entire lives. I can't possibly say enough about how amazing The Tides was. It sits right on Ocean Drive with a gorgeous view of, well...the ocean. (Duh.) I knew I was home when I stepped out of the cab and the porter said "Welcome to The Tides. You must be Ms. Sanger." I can only assume we were the last guests to check in and that's how he knew who I was but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't majorly impressed.

From the complimentary welcome cocktails (delivered to us in our ridiculously large room) to the delicious breakfast (served under a massive umbrella on the front patio), the only thing that could have made our stay better is for it to have been more than one night. I was heartbroken to leave! Despite the fact that, between the hotel and one dinner out, we dropped more bones on one night in Miami than we did for our ENTIRE four-day stay in Antigua. (It's quite the shock to go from all-inclusive back to the real world. "You mean I have to pay you for this meal? That is an outrage, sir!")

Stay tuned for Wedding Mania, Part II...coming soon to a Nutshell near you.


Alice said...

Love the wedding duds! I'm all for documenting the outfits, too. Ervin has a similar reaction to Jason. Go figure.

Vegemite Wife said...

Fanceee outfits! Seriously Sangers, looking hot!