Monday, October 24, 2011

Introducing...the BLTs (The Brew Crew Adventures, part I)

Technically, this isn't the BLTs first appearance here. (You may know them as Scott and Libby. Or the Tunes.) But I can't say they've had a proper introduction until now. This marked the first time the four of us got together with no hockey game to bind us. Plus, they didn't actually earn the BLT nickname until this trip. But more on that later.

The BLTs arrived in Raleigh after a couple of days on the road from New Jersey. And they were my favorite kind of house guests - the ones that show up bearing gifts! Having spent the day touring the campus at Duke, and knowing that Duke is the one and only team we have in common, they presented us with a Duke themed mini corn hole set. (It would come in handy when we had to wait for our ferry to Ocracoke.)

But first, we had promised Scott and Libby a mini NC brewery tour so we needed to get started. First up was Bull City Burger and Brewery, a pretty new brewpub in Durham. We were, however, stumped upon arrival.

If the door was not a door, what was it?? And how would we get in???? Was this some sort of existential riddle that we had to solve before they would let us at their burgers and brews????? Thankfully, no. It was just the entrance/exit for the Patty Wagon - their burger delivery service. (Which, by the by, I would love to be walking around downtown Durham one day and see somebody pulling a wagon filled with burgers.)

Luckily, we soon found a door that was indeed a door. And oh my sweet pimento cheese burger...what delights were to be found inside.

Beyond burgers and brews, another "b" awaited us - Bulls baseball. And after a slight rain delay, the game finally got underway. And though we had tons o' fun, the Bulls couldn't quite make the magic that night. Following is my twelve second summary of their performance:

Ohhhhhhhh noooooo. from heathers on Vimeo.

Thankfully, I was able to entertain our group with my Flashdance every time JJ Furmaniak came up to the plate. He's my favorite player, on name alone. "He's a Furmaniak, Furmaniak...on the field!" He even hit a home run so I put a little extra stank on that particular performance. (And if you think video of that exists, you're sorely mistaken.)

We got home that night and threw on the ol' MLB package via Apple TV to watch the Red Sox game but, between the rain delay in Boston and the extra innings, it got to be very late o'clock and none of us could make it past the 12th inning. So we vowed to pick it up in the morning; such is the beauty of Apple TV. Long story short, Sox lose in the 14th inning. I'm telling you all this because this is how the BLTs came to be.

You see, our history with the Tunes looks something like this:
Feb 2011 - Hurricanes vs. Devils (Hurricanes lose)
April 2011 - Hurricanes vs. Sabres (Hurricanes lose)
July 2011 - Bulls vs. Mud Hens (Bulls lose)
July 2011 - Red Sox vs. Royals (Sox lose)

Therefore, Jason declared them the Bad Luck Tunes...or BLTs for short. And the name stuck like gum on a shoe.

But the BLTs were here to stay and there was more Raleigh-ing to do. So we took them to Escazu, a local chocolatier.

I basically have no words to describe the aroma that overtakes you when you walk in. And as you can see, Escazu is also a feast for the eyes. Don't even get me started on the taste. It's a veritable assault on the senses! That is, if the word "assault" had a good connotation...

For our final Raleigh trick, we gathered up a small crowd for a private tour at our favorite local brewery, Big Boss. They even let us crawl all over the equipment!

But sadly, they were not so forthcoming with the ammunition bunker, which stayed decidedly locked.

Bottoms up!

We'll stop here for now, but fear not. The journey will continue as we make our way eastward across the state, beering and beaching. So get ready for such antics as Scott climbing a rolling library ladder in a total stranger's home, Jason accidentally stealing a bicycle, Libby and I doing tribal dances around a beach fire to avoid getting bitten by crabs and all of us acting like total fools while we put the camera on auto-click for 30 seconds.

Now that's what I call a teaser!


Vegemite Wife said...

Thank god there is someone else that you think is bad luck on your chosen sporting teams! Or might it be that those teams you like aren't actually much good? (I type this safey from the other side of the Atlantic where you can't hit me).
I kid, of course.

The Tune's said...

Ahh yes, the BLT's strike again, although we are not to blame for the Bulls loss. We were cheering them on.