Thursday, October 20, 2011

Two feels good

You may remember my despair over my weight back in the summer. If not, here's a small clip from this post:
Now. This photo. I have a love/hate relationship with this photo. Here's what I love about it: 1) the ocean and 2) the fam looking all gussied up. Here's what I hate about it: I look chubby. Which leads me to one more thing that I love about it: this was my wake-up call to get my ass back on Weight Watchers and lose the pounds I'd slowly accumulated over the last five years. Down 13 and counting. (Coming soon - skinny Heather, v2.0.)
Well, four and a half months post-photo, I am proud to say that I'm 20 lbs. down and only 6 to go before I hit my goal weight. At which point I will reward myself with new James jeans. It's been a dreary few years buying cheap "fat jeans"and, more recently, "my-old-jeans-are-falling-off-me-in-betweener jeans". But I gotta be honest, Old Navy cheapies or not...two feels pretty damn good.

(On another note, it's amazing what a few unexpected days off can do for your blogging motivation.)


Vegemite Wife said...

Holy cow!! That's a size 6 in the UK. Eat some damn chips!!

Ashely said...

Thank you for this post! This morning after a night of gorging myself at Chuck's I realized that three pairs of jeans (including my favorite skinnies) do not fit me anymore and I threw a hissy fit. You have motivated me to get my healthy eats and workouts on.....Starting Monday of course.

Sara said...

Nice one!

The Tune's said...

Sweet deal! Keep up the good work and those new jeans will be feeling even better!