Thursday, November 17, 2011


One can only post about the same thing/place so many times and if there's one place I've got pretty well covered on here, it's London. So, for this last trip back to my home away from home, I've decided to give you my view of the city through Instagram* filters.

*If you don't know about Instagram, just Google it and get with the freaking program. It's only, like, the best smart phone app ever of all freaking time.

{gloucester road tube}


{victoria regina letterbox}

{the anchor, bankside}

{nap time in green park}

{the george inn}

{cous cous}

{richmond bridge}

{hill rise, richmond-upon-thames}**

{river sunset, richmond-upon-thames}**

**Believe it or not, these two photos are in no way manipulated. I couldn't bring myself to put any filters on them when they're so perfect the way they are.


{shopping and champers at veuve cliquot harrods}

{tea and postcards on a rainy afternoon}

{george regine letterbox}


{tea for one at Fornum & Mason}

{national portrait gallery}

{glamour at the gallery}

{burlington arcade}

{the burlington beadles}

{posh take away coffee}

{so fancy, you have to drink it with a pinkie out}

{elizabeth the second regina letterbox}

{union jack}


{the cadogan for tea}

{and champagne}

{tea room}

{tea time}

{earl grey}

But wait! There's more! For this hop across the pond, we visited not just one...not even two...but THREE countries! And I think we all know by now what kind of shenanigans ensue when Jaser and Phuze get together in foreign lands. Prepare for laughs aplenty in the next installment of the Nutshell.


Vegemite Wife said...

Beautiful pics, totes stunning. I can't wait for the next post!

Sara said...

Great pics! Love me some London! Gets me excited for Christmas across the pond this year!!

The Tune's said...

Gorgeous pics!

andrea said...

Ah, London. I miss it.

Michelle Cusack Romano said...

Love, love, love Instagram. Definitely addictive. Lovely photos of London; just got back myself and planning my next visit already.