Monday, December 12, 2011

Heather Takes On: Like, dumb girls

I shared this on The Facebook last week, so some of you will have already seen, but since it got a pretty significant reaction I figured it might be worth showing here. This is the caption I wrote on FB:
I thought the cover of a magazine was supposed to make you want to open it and read, not weep for society. This piece of garbage arrived in my mailbox completely unsolicited. Read the quote and just try not to slit your wrists open.

And in case you can't read the cover, here is what it says:

The night after the shoot I had like blue hair in finger waves and I went to meet Marilyn at Nobu and when I walked in they thought I was Charlize Theron. Oh and I also did go-sees for Calvin Klein. I showed up and the guy was like what have you been modeling for a minute? And I was like, yeah.

I don't know who I'm angrier at - the vapid model for being so damn stupid or Condé Nast for publishing this drivel.

And that's where this post was meant to end. In fact, I had written it and scheduled it to go live a few days later. But I simply had to add the following...

Turns out, Condé Nast was eagerly awaiting my feedback. They sent me the most delightful email asking for my opinions on their inaugural issue.

I was more than happy to help out. Here are a couple of my destructive criticisms:

*Sorry about the distracting cursor next to the "I" in the second one....

Something tells me I won't be on future lists to receive promotional publications from them. And that's just fine by me. I can't afford to unintentionally lose anymore precious IQ points.


Alice said...

I saw when you posted this on fb earlier...but your response to their survey is worth seeing it again.

It's almost like they do something just to get that kind of response.

Kudos for setting them straight and regaining IQ point for all of us who lost them.

Vegemite Wife said...

I do have to wonder about and possibly weep for the readership they are targetting. Mind numbing that someone could write that drivel and think it was worthy of being on a cover, no less. Sigh.